JPG, GIF, AI; What Files do I need for my Logo?

Here’s a common problem or issue that tends to come up with clients of mine. Let’s say you had the perfect logo designed for you quite sometime ago. To the point where you know you saved the file, of some fashion of your logo, but it is no where near from the original file.

Now you’re trying to make a customized business card using VistaPrint or something and man is the quality just not what it used to be! Another situation would be where you have a webmaster or graphics person asking you for the “source” files. What does that mean? You know you don’t have them!

So now fast forward; you have to create a new logo or at least have a professional recreate your current logo so that you have the “quality” files you need to present your brand the way you want.

Here are the type of files to look out for.

.JPG /.JPEG is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is probably the type of file that your current logo is on, the most common type of image file and one of, if not, the lowest quality version of the image.

Why do I even need a .JPG version? Well the thing is that when using your image to upload to perhaps your facebook or your website, a lower sized file makes more sense as it will load much faster and low upkeep in general. The .JPG is basically your fuel economical car.

.PNG is your Porsche. This is the version that will have a transparent background (.jpg cannot support a transparent background) and the one you will use for your main marketing material.

An .EPS or .AI file are the version that is also known as the “Vector” image or graphic version. This is the equivalent to the blueprint in our line of analogies to which we can create .jpgs and .pngs. from.

So now you know which files to keep and when to use! Our standard logos only provide .jpgs and .pngs. However when creating a custom logo with us, we will automatically provide you with the .EPS and .AI Files.

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